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Q: What version of Flash do I need to play the game?
A: The game has been canceled as a Flash game so it will not play on any current or upcoming version of Flash.

Q: When will the final version of the game be released?
A: I have canceled the game at least with respect to Flash. There is always the chance I could make the game later using different technology. However, I have no current plans.

Q: When did you come up with the idea for this game?
A: I have had this idea since I have been in High School. I actually made a simple version of the game in Pascal that ran in DOS, but that was a long time ago. A lot about the story and characters have been flushed out a lot more since then.

Q: How many people worked on the game?
A: Just one.

Q: What was the fighting system to be like?
A: Both fighters plan their moves ahead of time and then they execute them at the same time.

Q: Why did you cancel the game?
A: Well, there were a few reason that caused me to come up with the decision to cancel the game. For starters it was taking much longer to make then I thought it would. I kept on having to push back the time frame that I hoped to have the game done. This delay and the slow going of programming also caused me to loose interest in the project. Without motivation to do something it is hard to continue and there was still a lot left to do for the game so I couldn't just bite the bullet and work on it for a more months to finish it.
Then there was technical problems that I encountered. While testing the fighting engine I ran into frame rate problems. Basically the frame rate could drop very low (At least under 10 but could drop even lower.) I did some research and found out that Flash doesn't handle lots of objects to draw even if they are not visible, and that alpha slows down rendering a lot. So since I had a made a 2D tile based scrolling engine I had a lot of objects, and I wanted big worlds which would probably be bigger then the prototype level I was working with. So I didn't know how the final version of the levels would be handled by the Flash render. Also my fighting engine used alpha for effects like Ki attacks. I tried some optimizations but still could not get the frame rate to get constantly above 10 FPS during battles in the test level. I might have been able to deal with this, but my game engine used frame based collision detection. So if I continued the project I would have to improve the collision detection from frame based to a more advanced (And more CPU intensive) method, which would one more thing I would have to work on and then debug.
So for all these reasons, and the growth of my motivation on working on other projects I decided to stop trying to bring my story of Zenta's Revenge to a Flash game completely. Now I will move on to projects I have more motivations for.

Q: Were these questions really asked frequently?
A: No. I just wanted to give some more information about the game and I thought this would be a good way to do it. If I get some real FAQ I will add them below this question to distinguish them from my own questions.

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