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A Battle of Good Vs. Evil

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Sphere Sphere
This race is very peaceful, powerful, and pure-hearted. However, with the threat of the Krell ever present the Sphere have to keep their defenses up and sometimes go on the attack to protect their people. The Spheres are unlike other races because they do not eat. They have no mouth and speak through energy. They also absorb the energy around them to stay alive. Although most Spheres are pure-hearted a few are evil and are shunned from the community.
Krell Krell
This race is pure-evil. They love to attack in groups and cause trouble wherever they go. They have different levels with each level evolution making them more powerful. So far there are Krell, and Super Krell, and there is one Krell who has reached the level of Mega Krell. The Krellís goal is to take over the entire galaxy and every planet they come into contact with. However, since most Krell are at the Krell level they have only been able to secure their home planet. Unfortunately, the number of Super Krell is growing all the time making their threat greater every day. With this being said most other races fear them and their evil ways.
Iceling Iceling
This race likes it where it is cold. They tend to stick too their home planet which is very cold and snow covered, but have been known to explore some. The iceling's are lead by The Ice Lord. Icelings are very violent when it comes to protecting their home land so it is not advised to visit their planet unless you are ready for a fight.
No Image Monster
Monsters do not have a race category because they are normally not similar to each other. There are millions of different types of monsters. Some similar monsters breed together and are considered to be a Monster breed. Zenta however is a full fledge monster because he does not belong to a specific breed.
Turbo Breed Turbo Monster Breed
This is a special breed of monster that is unique to planet Enzo. Their most noticeable feature is their here which appears to be nothing but fire, although it never smokes. This breed is very fast because they have muscles that can become very loose when they warm up allowing for very quick movement.
Forton Breed Forton Monster Breed
This is a special breed of monster that is unique to planet Enzo. They are basically just a head with arms and legs sticking out of it. Another feature of the Forton is that they have three claws at the end of each of their arms. Unlike the Turbo Breed, the Forton Breed is much more violent and evil.


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Ball Ball (Race: Sphere)
Ball is the main character in the story and is only one year old when it starts. Ball is set to become a member of the Royal Guard just like his Father and late Brother. Krell killed his mother when they tried to attack the Sphere homeland. Ball is a great fighter for his age, but is no match for a Super Krell, but that will change.
Zenta Zenta (Race: Monster)
Zenta is just a generic monster. He lived on Planet Sphere until he was exiled for bad behavior to say the least. Zenta is a great fighter but seeks revenge for his exile.
Sphereious Sphereious (Race: Sphere)
Sphereious is the Ball's father and the leader of the Royal Guard. He was the one who exiled Zenta from Planet Sphere, and he is always more powerful then Zenta so he is able to stop him when he needs to.
Cora Cora (Race: Monster)
Cora is just a generic monster. He was born on Planet Enzo where his father Zenta was exiled. He is more powerful then a Super Krell but is still much weaker then his father.
Safire Safire (Race: Krell)
Safire is the most powerful Krell since he reached the level of Mega. He is so powerful that he killed Range (Ball's older brother) when they fought.
Ice Lord Ice Lord (Race: Iceling)
This is the ruler of the icelings and lives on The ice planet. He has the power to freeze things in a block of ice making them incapable of moving. He has had good relations with the Spheres who live on a near by planet, but Zenta and Safire made him help in their invasion of the Sphere planet.
Turbi Turbi (Race: Turbo Monster Breed)
This young fighter finds Ball after he crash lands on planet Enzo. He quickly becomes Ball's friend and shows that he is very fast.
Master Forton Master Forton (Race: Forton Monster Breed)
The Master Forton is not only the strongest of the Forton breed, but is also their leader. He is also a little bigger then the normal size of the Forton breed. He had the plan to steal the Turbo breed's treasure which caused a conflict the between the two monster breeds on planet Enzo.

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